PHAULTS is an Enterprise and Network Management Consulting practice centered around solving problems and providing solutions for complex correlation challenges. We provide results ranging from full blown Management Architectures and Strategies down to custom Perl scripts that perform functions.

Not all tools or ENMS Architectures are created equal.  They are supposed to be fit and integrated to the business, the users, and the customers.  There are many different potential challenges  that may keep you from being successful.  PHAULTS Consultants work from the prospect of Roles to help you and team be successful. These Roles enable us to engage as part of your organization and work within your team to achieve results.

Its not what the Product Vendors tell you, its what they don’t tell you.  If you are laying out significant amounts of capital for tools, products, or frameworks, you need to understand how much of your requirements are going to be met and what is needed to fill in the blanks.  Product vendors understand Sales and they understand support.  Rarely do they understand the big picture… Especially YOUR big picture.

Sometimes, it is not the tools or the technology but how they are fitted to your organization.  There may be skills mismatches, broken work flows, or political roadblocks that prevent things from working and thriving in your environment. All too often, a technology silo prevents evolution and delivery to the users of new capabilities.

Management Architectures area living, breathing function that take a bit of planning, balance, and timing to be effective.  When you consider just the patches and security updates required for a simple database or web server, you start to realize the dependencies and ramifications of not managing the risks.



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